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Requested Specifications

A. Input Specifications

Input Voltage AC V ~ V / V ~ V Selectable
AC V ~ V Full range
DC V ~ V
Protective Earth (PE) Standby power < W
PFC Min. Efficiency:  % @ full load

B. Output Specifications

Nominal Power:  Max. Overload Power: 
  Output Nominal Voltage Output Current Line Regulation Load Regulation Ripple & Noise
V1 V - A % % mVp-p
V2 V - A % % mVp-p
V3 V - A % % mVp-p
Adjustable output voltages:  + % - %
Internal ORing circuit: 
Load share bus: 
Special instructions regarding the secondary (insulation to PRI, common ground, etc.):
  Remote Sense Remote Control Start-up Time ms Max. at rated load
V1 Hold-Up Time ms Min. at rated load
V2 Power Good Signal
V3 Other Signals

C. Protections

    Over Voltage Overload Short Circuit
  Autorecovery (hiccup) V1
  Shut Down V2
  Other:  V3
  Temperature protection      

D. Environment

Operating Temp.:    ~  °C
Operating Humidity:    ~  %

E. Safety Requirements

UL:   Meet     Approved
CSA:   Meet     Approved
Others:  (Please Specify)   Meet     Approved

F. EMI Requirements

EN55011   CLASS A   CLASS B  Others:  (Please Specify)
  EN61000-4-x  Others:  (Please Specify)

G. Dimensions

  (L) x     (W) x     (H) mm 

H. Mechanical

(Please select one)

I. I/O

Terminal Block   Connector   Cable   Others 

J. Other Requirements

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