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OEM - 8 SIM cards reader by USB connection  

February 20th, 2010: D-LIGHT is a new product of the well known DISIM family (GSM  test system). The product offers the possibility of remote access to 8 SIM cards by using a USB connection to a PC (connected to internet) and provided with a specific application. This compact, low cost device is aimed to extend the customer base for GSM testing systems. The product is distributed through our partner SUNTIS.

New SMPS Address the Growing 72Vdc Applications

February 15th, 2010: 72 V DC buses are more and more used in the motor applications, in order to guarantee higher powers at reasonable amount of current. We have tackled this demand as pioneers, by adding the models "G" (output voltage 68-82 Vdc) to the families XCSF240 (240W single phase input), XCSF500 (500W, single phase input), XCSG500 (500W, 3 phase input), XCSG960 (960W, 3 phase input).

These models, UL 508 approved, are available through our partner CABUR.

New Integrated Power Supply/ Battery Charger/  DC UPS and User Configurable (12/24V) Battery Packitle

February 15
th, 2010: A new family of power products  called XCSC120B, C was successfully launched. These versatile, compact units provide 3 separate functions:

- power supply (120W)
- battery charger
They can be used in conjunction with the XCSBP30Y battery pack. This innovative, compact product offers:
- user settable
output voltage (12/24V). For 12V  it offers a capacity of 2.4 Ah, for 24V – 1.2Ah. This feature allows easy stock management and good flexibility on the field
- use of standard size industrial batteries

ISO 9001 Certification

January 2
th, 2010: as a result of constant care for the quality issues, improved operations organization through implementation of specific requirements and strong customer satisfaction Nextys has been successfully audited for receiving the ISO 9001 qualification by the prestigious German DQS certification body, an UL (Underwriters Laboratory) affiliate. This important milestone will further stimulate us in continuous improvement of our services and products.

IQNET Certificate ISO 9001:2008
-   DQS Certificate ISO 9001:2008

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IVA/VAT/MWST: CHE-100.845.624 IDI: CHE-100.845.624
We are an ISO 9001 company.
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