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SPS (Motor Drive) Exhibition in Nuremberg

November 24
th, 2009:Our products were successfully displayed at the international SPS (Motor Drive) exhibition in Nuremberg (November 24), under the brand name of the German company Lütze. Special attention was drawn to the visitors by the 3phase and IP65 products.

Motor Brake Controller 2 kW

September 10th, 2009: MBC2K (Motor Brake Controller 2 kW) is a new OEM product related to the brushless motors applications. It is proposed as a stand alone, microprocessor controlled, brake control unit. It can control the insertion of the braking resistors in a DC bus (with a range of 25 to 100Vdc) that supplies an inverter-motor system. It assures a quick and precise braking and impedes the over voltages on the DC bus. A simple user interface allows the easy to set-up of the device. One unit can drive up to 2 KW resistors and up to 4 units can be paralleled. The unit is protected against short circuits, overheating of the braking resistor or faulty connection. A compact size and an attractive price is another advantage of this product to be addressed to the market through our partner CABUR.

New DIN Rail Power Supply

February 15th, 2009: our commitment to innovation brought new products, built on latest technology achievements in the power conversion. Recently we have extended our DIN rail OEM power supplies with new models in the 500W to 960W range (families CSF500/CSG500/CSG720/CSG960) and addressed for the first time the growing market of the 120W/240W DC-DC converters (families CSA120xx/CSA240xx)

100W In-Wall Mounting Power Supply

February 15th, 2009: Recently we have introduces the market smallest 100W in-wall mounting power supply (WM100) for motor driving.

We continued to focus on small size, high efficiency and high overload capacity (>150%). All products were certified under several demanding, prestigious international standards - UL, DEMKO, CB, IEC, EN, GOST.

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