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BATTMASTER® - New Test Site Set Up at REGATEC-Dättwil (Switzerland)

October 13th, 2006: a new test site was set up for the BATTMASTER wireless battery monitoring system at the premises of REGATEC PARTNER AG., a well known Swiss provider for power back-up solutions.

It was confirmed that the system may work in strong shielded environments like UPS cabinets and in the presence of electrical noise as generated by power converters.
The collaboration was started in partnership with ACCUTRON AG

BATTMASTER® - Seminar in Egerkingen (Switzerland)

August 30th, 2006: BATTMASTER, the innovative battery monitoring system developed by Nextys, was successfully presented to potential users through a seminar organized by Nextys  and  Accutron, our distributor for Switzerland.

This first wireless system offers huge advantages related to cost and simplicity of use. It generated high interest among the participants. The beta test  results are positive and the product will be  released for sales soon.
For any further details please contact Nextys or Accutron.


May - September 2006:
we have introduced, through our partner CABUR - Italy,  five  new OEM power supplies (DIN rail fixing), designed and manufactured for the international markets. All products are UL certified. They are already succesfully sold worldwide.

 is a new line of wide input voltage range (187 - 550V), 240W switching mode power supplies designed for demanding applications, with frequent mains voltage variations or unknown end customer mains configuration. They extend the successful models of 75W and 120W. They can operate on single or bi-phase mains connection, worldwide.

is a new line of bi-phase input voltage (360 - 550V), 150W switching mode power supplies. They are aimed to replace 3 phase units with lower cost and more compact products.

, XCSD30 and XCSD50 are new lines of class 2, 15 - 30W - 50W switch mode power supplies, hosted in DIN standard plastic enclosures. Their power/volume is very attractive.

All these new products are compact, reliable and affordable. They represent a new approach towards the minimization of installation, operating cost and parts' management in the industrial applications.

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