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Standards Compliance Evaluation

We are a partner of Würth Elektronik for various EMC related tests provided through our in-house laboratory.

We provide extensive consulting related to the compliance of products (powered by 1/2/3 phases or DC) to various standards related to:

  • Conducted Emissions: 9kHz...30MHz, up to 10A/phase
  • Radiated Emissions: 30MHz...1GHz, up to 10A/phase
  • Line Harmonics Emissions up to 10A/phase
  • Surge Immunity up to 6.6kV/3.3kA, up to 10A/phase
  • Electrical Fast Transients (Burst) Immunity up to 4.4kV, up to 10A/phase
  • Radiated RF Immunity 30MHz...1GHz up to 30V/m, up to 10A/phase
  • Low Frequency Immunity 15Hz...150kHz up to 30Vrms, up to 10A/phase
  • Voltage Dips and Interruptions up to 1kVA (1 phase only)
  • Safety requirements, with detailed construction analysis

Various precompliance tests can be performed in our laboratory by using the following equipment (the list is updating continuously):

  • Compact Anechoic Chamber (max. DUT size: 300 x 300 x 400mm)

  • EMC receivers 9kHz...1GHz

  • RF Spectrum analyzer 150kHz...3.2GHz
  • RF Signal Generator DC...1GHz
  • RF Power Amplifier 30MHz...1GHz, 20W
  • 1/3 Phase Surge Generator up to 6.6kV/3.3kA
  • 1/3 Phase Burst Generator up to 4.4kV
  • Insulation tester up to 12kV AC/DC
  • High DC voltage power supplies up to 750VDC
  • Isolated 4 channels oscilloscope
  • Infrared thermal camera
  • Precision multimeters
  • 1/3 phase power meters
  • Electronic DC loads up to 7kW
  • Climatic chamber (-70/+180°C)
  • Advanced data logger for voltage, current and temperature

Products that can be tested:
  • Low voltage, low signal digital and analog electronics
  • Power products as DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies (with 1 phase or 3 phases input), inverters, rectifiers
  • IT products
  • Home appliances
  • Automotive electronics
  • Medical equipment

Phone: +41-(0)91-8401446 / 8 Fax:+41-(0)91-8401447
IVA/VAT/MWST: CHE-100.845.624 IDI: CHE-100.845.624
We are an ISO company:
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