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NEXTYS is a TDK Group company, founded in 1998 in Switzerland and located in the beautiful Tessin canton.

Our focus is to provide innovative solutions in the power electronics field.

We are offering a wide range of power supplies and related products (e.g. back-up and redundancy solutions). Up to date we have delivered >1 million units worldwide and achieved important market recognition, based on the originality of the design and the attractive cost/performance. We can provide custom specific solutions even with very demanding requirements.

We have the lean structure and the wide choice of competence specific to a modern business.

Our main strength is the high professional level of the people involved, combined with the attractive cost/quality of our services. Flexibility, quick feedback, creative and innovative approaches are the solid basis of our company's culture, together with the traditional Swiss quality. Consistent expertise in design and manufacturing of electronic products allowed us to have a rich customers list including well-known brand name companies and medium - small sized businesses. Important partnerships with top service providers from the industrial and technological fields are a warranty for the quality we supply. You can use our existing products or inquire for developing new ideas.


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Latest NEWS

ENERGY STORAGE EVENT (Veldhoven- The Netherlands)

February 15th, 2019
NEXTYS is pleased to announce its participation, together with its partner A&C SOLUTIONS to a special event dedicated to the energy storage market, in an area where the renewable energy sources have a consistent presence - Belgium and Netherlands.
Our Battery Monitoring System (BATTMASTER®) was highly appreciated and the specific presentation for BMS was attended by > 60 specialists. A&C SOLUTIONS will dispatch professional support for BATTMASTER® and manage all inquiries that will arrive through the new dedicated website www.battmaster.eu.
We thank all visitors, attendees and the excellent organisators of the event!

TDK's subsidiary TDK-Lambda acquires Nextys SA to expand presence in DIN rail power supply market.

January 8th, 2019

Nextys is pleased to announce its integration in the TDK-Lambda group.
This operation is the result of the recognition of the innovation we brought in a dynamic market, in order to match the evolving needs of various customers.
The operation will strengthen our performance and enhance TDK-Lambda’s presence in a fast-growing segment.



November 28th, 2018

Following the past 8 years’ tradition NEXTYS has presented its products and services to the most prestigious electronic products fair in Europe - ELECTRONICA - Munich, Germany.

A high affluence of visitors to our booth have proven the increased visibility of our company and technology.

Consistent discussions with existing and potential customers underlined the success of our approach to innovation for solving various applications.

Most of the products were appreciated for their compactness, efficiency and features combined with attractive prices.

The new BATTMASTER® 4.0 wireless monitoring system was getting major interest from existing and potential users.

New distributors were appointed and new applications were evaluated.

We thank all our visitors for their interest in NEXTYS and the opportunity to enlarge our horizons!

Congratulations to Blum Company and Meier Company who won our Give Away Contest!


DCW20 – Award Winner for Innovation!

October 9th, 2018
Through our partner AC-Solutions (Belgium) our innovative COMBO DC UPS DCW20 was proposed to the WOTS TECH AWARD contest.

DCW20 won the first prize, being elected as the most innovative electronic product for this edition of the TECH AWARDS.
DCW20 is the world's first intelligent, programmable all-in-one battery charger / DC-UPS / DC-DC converter. DCW20 is distinguished mainly by the dual function for the user, on the one hand the DC-UPS function and on the other hand the programmable DC-DC converter.
In addition, DCW20 offers other benefits for the user, namely:
  • The DCW20 works with every possible battery chemistry or with ultracaps. This makes the unit extremely versatile and adaptable to many applications.
  • The unit offers operational reliability in the event of a power failure, ensuring backup via the battery and continuous monitoring of the load and battery status. As a result, risks are better managed and costs are saved.
  • It supports the Industry 4.0 trend through the ability to monitor or set the system status through MODBUS and USB communication ports.
  • With a width of 54mm for 960W of power DCW20 is an extremely compact DC-UPS / DC-DC converter.

The WOTS TECH AWARDS prize is a new recognition of the innovative and unconventional content NEXTYS is offering through its products.


NDD241-110xxP – A New Family of 240W Compact DC/DC Converters

March 20th, 2018
The applications supplied by 110Vdc (as energy distribution, back-up or railway) are asking for reliable conversion to standard lower voltages (as 24, 36, 48 or 72V).

The new solution provided by Nextys, called NDD241-110xxP, is aimed to respond to this increased market need in an elegant and compact manner, offering also some unique features as the internal ORing circuity as standard.

By providing only 56mm width and 240W power, together with reverse polarity protection, high efficiency, very wide input range, excellent temperature domain, 4.2kVdc isolation and dual current limitation setup, the family NDD241-110xxP can match various applications in an optimal manner.

It can be used as improved replacement to NDD240-11024 with no restriction.

NDD241-110xxP will be launched on the market in Q2/2018.

NPSM1500-36 – Dual Voltage High Power DIN Rail Power Supply

February 16th, 2018
Based on some specific market requirements and Nextys’ traditional approach towards flexibility we have designed NPSM1500-36, a single-phase power supply that presents a unique feature: the output can be set by the user at 24V or 36V and delivers 40A.

NPSM1500-36 addresses those applications where high power is requested by using a single-phase mains. The availability of both 24V and 36V opens the possibility of creating other voltages by series connection of 2 units, e.g. 48V/40A or 72V/40A. These voltages and power levels present an increased request in the automation market.

The unit is provided with a remote enable and also with the possibility of a remote panel connection for the status LEDs.

NPSM1500-36 will be launched on the market in Q2/2018.

January 10th, 2018
We are hiring! Have a look on our vacancies.


December 4th, 2017
We have successfully concluded our first presence in SPS (Nuremberg, Germany) - the most prestigious automation fair in Europe.

Our booth was visited by > 500 visitors. New business partnerships and opportunities were prospected.
There was high interest expressed for our innovative solutions integrated in the new products as:
- NDW240 - the first programmable 240W DC/DC converter that can convert any voltage 10…55Vdc in any voltage 5…56V, replacing several conventional models
- DCW20 - a digital DC-UPS that can be operated also as 960W DC/DC converter with multiple features
- NISO-20 - first DC/DC isolation module for DIN rail, rated 10…55V/800W
- NEF210 - an advanced 2 channels digitally controlled overcurrent protector, featuring outstanding management by ANDROID and Windows OS
- NPSM121IP / NPSM241IP - a compact solution for IP65 power supplies
- 36V models - for the NPSM241/481 families
- H” versions - increased surge protection (> 6kV) for NPSM121/241/481 and NPSW480 families

Our position as one of the most complete solution providers in the DIN rail power solutions was confirmed by many of our visitors.
Our innovative implementations were acknowledged as differentiating us in solving many applications in an efficient and original manner.

We thank all our visitors for the time they have spent in our booth and the opportunity to develop our collaboration!

NEXTYS Participation at TIIE Fair - Tehran (Iran) - An Excellent Start-Up

October 12th, 2017
In the last few years NEXTYS has extended its presence on the international market by appointing new partners.
Through our local partner EVENT AUTOMATION DESIGN (www.event-automation.com) we have introduced our latest products to the important TIIE exhibition (17th Tehran International Industry Exhibition).
Located in a fast growing and promising market this fair represented an opportunity of presenting our innovative approach in the DIN rail power solutions.
There was an important number of visitors that showed interest in our products and launched queries about possible application in their systems.
This fair confirmed the good reception our solutions have in emerging and fast growing markets, based on the combination of innovation - performance - affordable cost.
We thank to all visitors and to our partner for the success of this introductory event.


Phone: +41-(0)91-8401446 / 8 Fax:+41-(0)91-8401447
IVA/VAT/MWST: CHE-100.845.624 IDI: CHE-100.845.624
We are an ISO 9001 company.
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